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DreamBank Gift Pledges

Looking for the perfect gift to send to family and friends? DreamBank Gift Pledges are a great way to let your friends and family know that you will make a contribution to their Dream Gift. It's very easy to use:

1. You can choose any amount to pledge (minimum $10). Simply enter the amount in the form below.
2. Once you have completed all the details in the form below, the Gift Pledge will be emailed to the recipient. Once they receive it, if they have not posted a dream gift, they simply sign up to DreamBank, post their dream, and let you know and then you can contribute the amount you pledged. All the instructions are on the pledge.
3. If you'd rather mail or present the Gift Pledge to the recipient, simply choose from the card designs below, print off the PDF and fill in the key information.
4. If the recipient has already posted a dream gift, then a pledge is a nice way to let them know (either via email or a printed version) that you will be contributing to their dream gift before you make the contribution directly on the site. Because they have already posted a dream gift, they do not need to let you know when they have posted.

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Or download a Pledge PDF to print out.

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