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Posted on December 22nd, 2008 by DreamBank

The other day, I saw that Raul (aka Hummingbird604) had posted on Twitter that he was considering using DreamBank to ask for a new laptop but wasn‘t certain. Since I know Raul, I had a feeling that his concern involved feeling guilty about asking his friends to contribute.  I emailed him and he agreed to let me use his response in this blog post.

In brief, he wrote, “Yes, I do have a concern of a guilt factor of asking friends to contribute to a gift… Most of the people I’ve talked to on Twitter  have recommended that I set up a DreamBank dream for my laptop and use the money to get my (much needed) computer. But you know me… I don’t like imposing on people.”

It’s understandable that asking for contributions might feel awkward, but when you explain why you’ve gone this route, most people are relieved…  After all,  the people you are contacting should be people who want to give you a gift -  and letting them know what you want (DreamBank or other) removes the stress of them having to figure it out.  Plus, they don’t have to go shopping, or risk giving you something you won’t use.

Or, if the idea of sending your dream out to people still makes you uncomfortable, you can opt for a more passive approach by posting your dream on Facebook.

Anyone else have any further thoughts or ideas?

2 Responses to “Asking Without Imposing”

  1. Susan/Together We Flourish Says:

    There is nothing wrong with dreaming and telling others about your dreams but if someone wants to ask me for something, they must be very specific about their need.

  2. Raul Says:

    Thank you, dear Dream Bank friends,

    So… I’ve decided that I’m going to post my dream on Dream Bank as I do NEED the laptop, and it makes it helpful for my friends to know EXACTLY what I need and want (as Susan very aptly put it in her comment above mine).

    So, that’s what I need – a laptop :) and that’s my dream!

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