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Posted on December 3rd, 2008 by DreamBank

If you’ve been over to moneycoach’s blog lately you might have noticed Dawn’s guest post “5 Ways to Make Your Holidays More Sustainable”.

Need even more tips on making your holidays more sustainable? We aim to please.

Here are some seasonal suggestions from some wonderfully eco-conscious people:

Gift Wrapping

  • This month’s Shared Vision addresses how to wrap a gift in an environmentally friendly way – without it looking cheap and haphazard.  (Basic printmaking using paint and a potato actually sounds cute – and fun.)
  • Eco-chick also offers a several useful suggestions (such as using pinecones, branches, acorns and feathers to decorate your gift) as does the Green Thinking Blog (which advises that you “give someone a reusable shopping bag as part of their present”).


Holiday Decorating


  • Consider taking public transportation to holiday parties.  The Green Prophet mentions that if using public transportation isn’t viable, a car-sharing service might be a smart alternative.



  • You may also find yourself with some goods you need to recycle after the holidays and Earth911 has a fantastic tool to find recycling centers in your neighborhood (US and Canada, looks like).   Enter what you want to recycle and your area – and your options will come up!


  • See DreamBank’s Waste-free cards post for our pics of holiday e-cards and online invites.

Have some clever ideas for making your holidays sustainable?  Share them!

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