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Posted on November 12th, 2008 by DreamBank

How much garbage do you throw out? How much of what you dispose of is really necessary?

And where does it all go?

The film “Garbage!” tackles these issues in a unique way. Andrew Nisker’s documentary centers around the lives of a family who took on his challenge: to keep their garbage in their garage for 3 months.

You can watch a short trailer on the site and even see a the first 20 minutes of the film by registering. Or read more about it on TVGuide or on Out of Green.

The “Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home” site is a useful resource: it encourages you to tell people your story about Garbage and contribute to Garbage 2, take action by doing things like hosting a screening party for the film, and offers a downloadable list of actions you can take to reduce garbage (note: it’s in PDF form.)


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