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About Us


Two of DreamBank's core values are accountability and transparency. Our business credibility depends on these values. We know we are looking after both your dreams and your money. To help ensure that our users feel confident in using DreamBank we have implemented the following:

Respected and Trusted Financial Service Providers

DreamBank has chosen a known and respected financial service provider to process and hold your dream funds - PayPal. PayPal has some of the  most sophisticated security and fraud detection systems available. For more information about PayPal's security measures, please visit PayPal's Security Centre.

Transparency on Fees

DreamBank is committed to ensure all our users understand the fees we charge up front. There is a link to fees on the sign-up page and also you will find fee information in the FAQ. If you have any specific questions that are not answered in either of these places, contact us.

Password Security

For your security DreamBank does not store your password in our database. Instead we store what's known as a cryptographic hash, a code that's produced by your password that's unique to your account.

We do this for your protection. Many users often use the same passwords across multiple sites. If one site's database is compromised and that site stores passwords in the clear (also known as 'plaintext') then that one mistake potentially compromises those users' accounts across other sites as well.

This storage of a hash instead of a plaintext password is also why if you forget your password we can't simply email it to you; we don't know it and there's no way we can figure it out in reverse from your hash code.

If you have questions on any of the above, check out the FAQ on the site, but if you can't find what you are looking for contact us.