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About Us

Is DreamBank for me?

DreamBank is the new model for gift giving. It is a gift registry website where you can post your dream gift - something special that you'd like friends and family to contribute to for your birthday and holidays, instead of giving you "stuff" that you may not need or really want. DreamBank provides an easy way for your friends and family to help you do, or have something special - the perfect gift! As a bonus, using DreamBank can help the planet and important social causes too. That's because DreamBank gives 10% of revenue to our six charity partners.

See how these folks are using DreamBank to get their dream gift... Fancy Fishing Reel, Cross Country Skis, Italian Lessons in Italy!, Diving in Belize, Iceberg Tour, Mega Lego, Down Payment on a House, Special Dining Room Set, Luxury Crib, A Personal Trainer.


Should I use DreamBank to raise funds for Charities or Not-For Profit Causes?


Well, that all depends...

Yes -- If you really don't want or need anything, and would prefer friends and family contribute to a charity or non-profit project instead of buying gifts for your Birthday, Christmas, or other commemorative occasions. If you'd rather friends and family contribute to a charity project than give you gifts, then DreamBank is for you!

Not Really -- On the other hand, if your fundraising project is not in lieu of birthday or holiday gifts, then we recommend liaising directly with your chosen charity to fundraise for them, or to use a site designed specifically for fundraising, like:,, There are lots of other good sites out there too! Read more about this on our blog. Good luck!


Will people I don't know help fulfill my Dream?


Honestly, we don't think so. Although there are many philanthropic people in the world, most of us contribute to people and causes that we know - you may see the odd contribution from a stranger but this is not typical, and it's not the primary purpose of DreamBank. We really want you to achieve that dream gift so we do not recommend expecting random contributions to get you there.