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A Roof Overhead ( couple of nights) of 'Kirsty's' Adventure on Another Continent ( Mystery Trip!)

Kirsty Bee

Kirsty Bee

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A Roof Overhead ( couple of nights) of 'Kirsty's'  Adventure on Another Continent  ( Mystery Trip!)


$300.00 CAD


$195.00 CAD


Jul 1, 2010


Jun 5, 2010

It's a milestone Birthday for 'Kirsty'(identity protected as she does not like to be found online due to her profession as a horse tamer-shhh!). I'm (Dawn) setting this up for her because I have no idea what to get her and she says she doesn't want anything. I do know she's planning on a special trip this Summer. She's still trying to figure out where. Not one to be super extravagant, for those of you who are also wanting to do a little something but coming up empty, it would be cool to pitch in towards a couple nights of "un-backpacker-like" accommodation, maybe a bit extravagant in the picture but.. a treat, somewhere, sometime, this Summer! The amount I chose is irrelevant.. Just had to pick a number. I chose AWF as the charity, in the unlikely event it's Africa she goes too.. and as a guess of what she would choose..

The link to this Dream gift will be forwarded on to her on her Birthday(just fyi)!

And OOPS. I forgot to log out when I made a contribution so it says "Kirsty" instead of me. She doesn't know it been posted yet!

Category Travel
Tags birthday / travel / accomodation

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Julie Selby
gave $45.00 CAD.
June 27, 2010
Happy 40th Kisten - sorry this is a bit late, but make sure you enjoy your getaway. Julie,Pete, Adam & Molly.
claudine fletcher
contributed to this dream.
June 18, 2010
Happy birthday! I hope you pick an adventure that will fill your soul with bliss and excitement! Maybe have a drink or two on me! Whatever you do have fun, you deserve it. Claud
Anne Boyle
contributed to this dream.
June 9, 2010
Glad to see you are finally joining the rest of us in the 40s'!! Its so wonderful to have a friend like you that I have known all my life - I love you my dear friend! I hope you have a fabulous day and an amazing "dream" time! Lots of love..The Boyles!
contributed to this dream.
June 5, 2010
Have a fantastic special day and trip Miss Kirsty Bee! I hope wherever you go, I can meet up with you too.Let me know the times you are staying in the"special accommodation" and I'll make sure I turn up then;) Big huge birthday wishes! Dawn xoxo


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